• 12 single rooms
  • 72 double rooms
  • 17 wheelchair accessible rooms3 triple rooms
  • 2 studio


There is only 1 elevator in the sportcomplex. Because of this issue there will be a scheduled plan in the morning.  

The most difficult moment will be in the morning when everybody wants to go down. This will be between 06.45h  and 08.30h approximately. Everybody will be in a rush because you want to have breakfast and you want to be in time for the warm-up. Between these hours it will be forbidden to use the elevator by people that can walk.

The elevator is only for wheelchairs between these hours. If you can walk, you have to take the stairs. On every floor there will be a volunteer who will control and arrange the smooth running of the transport. Every 10 or 15 minutes there will be transport up and down between zero and one floor, after that between the following floor and zero and so on alternating.

May we ask everybody between these hours to follow the recommandations of the volunteers and also not to press the buttons of the elevator. During these hours only the volunteer may press the button.

Also on each floor the athletes who have the first training are given priority. So not ! Whoever is first at the elevator can go first. Everything will be explained once more at the Technical Meeting.

Thank you for understanding!